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New Location

Nijverheidsstraat 70, 2160 Wommelgem

Our business center Interoffices Antwerp East offers the rental of private offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms. It is located at the metro building in Antwerp East. This area is home to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to IT, technology and telecom companies.

Antwerp East

Interoffices Antwerp East is situated next to the E313 highway at Nijverheidsstraat 70, 2160 Wommelgem

New Location

Brussels Airport Corporate Village

We're open for business! Come visit our brand new top location at  Davincilaan 1, 1930 Zaventem

EU District


The Interoffices EU District business center is located on the Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 in Brussels.

EU Commerce


The new center is located on the Rue du Commerce 34, 1000 Brussels in the EU district. 

Brussels Louise

The Interoffices Brussels Louise is situated an imposing town mansion on the Avenue Louise 367, 1050 Brussels.

Brussels Royal Parc

The Interoffices Parc Royal is located at Rue de la Presse 4, 1000 Brussels. 7 minutes walk from Brussels Central Station.

Brussels Congres

The Interoffices Brussels Congrès is situated in a very attractive town mansion at Rue du Congrès 35, 1000 Brussels.

Brussels Montgomery

The Interoffices Brussels Montgomery is located close to the city center at Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, 1040 Brussels.

Brussels Airport Meeting Centre

The Meeting Center Interoffices Brussels Airport is situated at De Maillé de la Tour Landrylaan 2, 1820 Steenokkerzeel.

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