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7 reasons to rent a workspace in Brussels

What comes to mind when you think of Brussels? Manneken Pis? Chocolate? We think workspace Valhalla. And 'major city in the heart of Europe that’s home to some of the world’s most important institutions and host of a vibrant professional community'. If you’re having doubts about workspaces in Brussels, this might be the piece for you. Here are 7 reasons for you to rent a workspace in Brussels.


1) Jean Claude Van Damme

He is from here.


2) Renting a workspace in Brussels: it’s all about the money


Chances are the rent is a very important factor in your search for workspace. Well, you won’t have a hard time finding a brand new fully serviced office space or coworking space at a reasonable price in Brussels. 


Despite a recent increase in price and being a major European city, Brussels is a surprisingly affordable city. According to CBRE the total occupancy costs are lower than in London, Paris, Amsterdam and most of Western Europe’s capitals. This won’t be changing very soon since the number of workspaces in Brussels is rising. Which means that you have a vast amount of modern topnotch workspaces in Brussels that will be made available at a relatively low rent. Still not convinced? Alright, we’ll proceed.


3) Brussels, capital of Europe


Brussels is home of the European Union, most of its institutions and NATO. Some of Europe’s most impactful political and economic decisions are made in Brussels. The city hosts numerous headquarters of multinationals and major global players. There are more international organizations located in Belgium’s capital than in Washington DC. There are about 120 international government organizations, 181 embassies, over 5,000 diplomats and more than 1,000 lobby groups.


This international presence combined with Brussels’ accessibility, makes it the number one European conference city. It goes without telling that this offers plenty of opportunities for ambitious companies to rub shoulders with Europe’s decision makers and thought leaders in their particular industry. If you’re looking for a vast array of organizations that can offer you support, funding and clout, Brussels is the place to be. So, get your business cards ready, you’ll have some exchanging to do.


4) Highly Skilled Workers

You won’t have a hard time finding talent in Brussels. Here’s why.


Due to Belgium’s geographical and political make-up, most people are at least trilingual, with varying degrees of fluency of course. On top of that, Brussels is inundated with 5 universities and 25 higher education institutions, from which hundreds highly educated people graduate with one to three degrees every year.


5) Public transport


Let’s call a spade a spade: Brussels’ traffic is a nightmare. If you want to test your zen-levels, try getting in and around Brussels by car. We highly recommend moving around by public transport.


The public transport network, however, is topnotch. You’ll easily get to Brussels from every city by train and will reach every outskirt by metro, tram or bus. On top of that, it’s fairly cheap, especially compared to other European capitals. 


This has an important impact on your talent pool. Young talented professionals are more likely to choose to work for a company that’s easy to reach and located in a city since they tend to live in or around it.


6) Brand new workspaces 


After a short period of stability, there’ll be a notable increase of newly built business centers. According to a study by Cushman and Wakefield, more than 530,000 sqm of office surfaces are currently under construction and should enter the market by 2021 (Figure 11).


These are often classic private business centers, but also coworking spaces and fully-serviced workspaces. You’ll definitely find a brand new suitable workspace for you, your company and your employees.


7) Quality of life


Despite what Donald Trump says, Belgium as a whole and Brussels, in particular, enjoys one of the best “quality of life” standards in Europe, according to the International Living Index. The major assets are the household living space  , an advanced healthcare system, social services, education etc.


On top of that, Les Bruxellois are bon vivants. They know how to live life to the fullest. You’ll find festivals, bars, and restaurants aplenty. The city’s also been blessed with thousands of classic architectural gems. This combined with the vivacious attitude of the inhabitants results in an interesting “pot belge” of classic beauty and avant-guard vibrancy.


What’s not to like


Well, there you have it: 7 solid reasons to rent a workspace in Brussels. Why don’t you come and visit the city? We for one recently expanded our Brussels EU District Business Center and would love for you to come and pay us a visit. Click on the button below to book a visit or request a quote.


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