Axel Kapinga

13 september 2019

Interoffices keeps on growing

These are exciting times for Interoffices. We already were the largest independent business center provider in Belgium, but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. We keep on looking for ways to grow in every sense of the word and provide the best possible office solution to you. Our search led to three new projects:


1. Interoffices Turnhout


We’re setting foot in Turnhout. The Paterspand, a beautiful historical convent in the center of Turnhout is the setting for our new business center. We’re developing this landmark site alongside our trusted partners Workero and Imoya.


“We discovered this hidden gem and fell in love with it. The exceptional setting will add a totally new dimension to Coworking in Turnhout. We have found the perfect balance between modern, functional design and respect for the history of this wonderful place. We are going to make this a place to work, to relax, to enjoy excellent food and to meet with professionals. “ - Dirk Paelinck


This business center will become a flagship of Interoffices. Built to the latest standards, it’ll have up to 45 offices, 65 coworking desks, and 4 meeting rooms for a total of  2200 sqm2. This is impressive in itself. But that’s not all In true Interoffices tradition, we’ll be providing the best service and amenities you can think of:


  • This business center will host a top-notch restaurant in the adjacent church

  • After a long day’s work, you can rest up in the new 4 star serviced apartments situated in the upper part of the convent. 

  • You will be able to organize an event in the top-notch event space.

  • The tenants of this business center will have 24h assistance. They will have an office manager at their disposal at any time of the day.

2.  Interoffices Brussels East: Procter & Gamble


We’re proud to announce the opening of Interoffices at Procter & Gamble on December, 1st 2019.  Alongside our partner Workero we’ll create and manage this new innovation hub. This collaboration was a long time coming. P&G has been one of the first big companies to recognize the importance of coworking spaces and shared offices for innovation. Sharing an office enables companies and startups to work within a company like P&G.



Working in the same workspace inevitably leads to cross-pollination, collaboration and eventually innovation. Keeping up with innovation is a team sport. No company can do it on its own. A solid eco-system is key for innovation. By sharing their office P&G and other hosting companies become the focal point of a groundbreaking, qualitative and innovative eco-system. Start-ups, scale-ups, and other companies will get to work with each other and companies like  P&G. 


That’s not all the good news.


3. We’re building a new business center in Antwerp.


As of  December 1st, 2019  you’ll get to rent an office in our new and expanded business center in Antwerp East. This business center will be home to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to IT, technology and telecom companies. It will feature the same exceptional amenities as the previous building.


So, there's a lot to be excited about. Stay tuned to for more.







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