The story of Interoffices is
one we write together

Your advantages

Adapted to your actual needs

We offer maximum flexibility. No minimum duration, a large offer of services and you can grow or downsize according to changing circumstances.

IT & Telecom Customized

Our unique IT infrastructure with optic fiber connections can be adapted to any special need of an SME or a multinational enterprise.

Professional Reception Services

Our team is always ready to handle your mail, welcome your guests and manage your calls in a professional way.


Interoffices has an all inclusive offer: nearly all costs are included. Each month you will receive a clear and detailed invoice, without any hidden charges. And from the start, we are clear about the renewal conditions of your contract.

Premium service

We can arrange for a taxi, book a flight or a hotel, order stationary, host your web/mail server in our Interoffices Cloud and so much more!

Business partner

We are your partner when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your office, workplace and meeting room needs. Flexibility is our core business!

Our mission

We bring you Workspace-as-a-service, supported by state of the art voice/data infrastructure and a range of additional services developed by and for the entrepreneurial community.


Fexible workspace options and meeting rooms suited to any budget and any working style
Efficient, comfortable and affordable
Based on a long-term vision to accompany our clients as their requirements change
By offering flexible contracts with no minimum duration


After all, why would you sign a six-year lease when you do not know where your business will take you in 12 months? We limit your start-up costs, reduce your overheads and take over the initial Capex investment.

Founder / CEO
Dirk Paelinck

A word from Dirk

Interoffices is proud to present an extensive network of 10 professional serviced worklocations. Moreover, Interoffices will be expanding soon towards Mechelen, Leuven, Gent, Liège, Bruges and other regional cities. And that’s great news, because you will be able to work anytime, anywhere in our network.

Our team has gained extensive experience in customer service. We are here to help you set up, grow and boost your business. And we’ve made sure that our offers match the needs of any type of entrepreneur, employee and company. 

“’I made it a priority for Interoffices to present a correct and transparent pricing, detailed invoices, a clear renewal process, no hidden costs and no set-up fees, combined with the financial benefits of shared facilities and the personal approach of an SME."


Because at Interoffices, we care about you.


We hope to see you soon,

Dirk Paelinck

Owner/ Founder

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