Coworking is here to stay. And we've got the stats to back it up.

18 juni 2019

When you're looking for the right office, think about your employees'  needs. But what are those needs exactly? And how do you satisfy them? Find out in this blog.

Axel Kapinga

21 mei 2019

‘How can I boost my productivity’? That’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times. And I suspect you have too. That’s why we created a blog full of tips, tricks and strategic methods to raise your productivity through the roof.

Axel Kapinga

24 april 2019

How to pick the right workspace for your business.

A workspace is a big factor in a company’s success. It impacts costs, branding, and culture. Here are some basic guidelines that’ll help you pick the right workspace for your business.

Axel Kapinga

12 november 2018

Interoffices just got bigger.

Come January 2019 we will add 2 new floors to our existing location on the Avenue des Arts 56, Brussels, owned by Befimmo. 

Number of floors: 4 - Complete surface: 3800m² - Fully equipped meeting rooms: 5 (from 4 to 180 participants) - Concentration booths: 8 - Private offices: 68 - Coworking member capacity: 125 - Total Workstation capacity: 480

Dirk Paelinck

17 oktober 2018

7 reasons to rent an office near Brussels Airport

There are many factors in play when picking the right spot. Whatever you deem most important, Zaventem got it covered. Here’s why you should consider renting your office near Brussels Airport.

Axel Kapinga

9 augustus 2018